The Team

Mel Duffy, Head Coach & Owner

Coach, Personal trainer

Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Ante Natal and Post Natal qualified instructor and mindfulness enthusiast.

I understand first hand how difficult staying in shape can be. Modern day life can be hectic and as a mum of two children my own personal journey hasn't always been plain sailing, however over the past 4 years all that has changed and my aim is to share the secret of my success with my clients and to inspire and support them to finding their own personal path to a healthy, enjoyable and fulfilling life.

As a sufferer of anxiety I specialise in working with clients with mental health and confidence problems. I believe anyone can achieve their goals with the right mindset and support. Exercise is the most underrated mental health drug there is and has been my own personal saviour. I aim to empower my clients, build confidence, self belief and to become the best versions of themselves.

James Jarvis, PT & Group coach.

Personal trainer, coach

I am a level 3 Personal Trainer with 12 Years Fitness experience. 

My Journey into a better version of myself started due to a painful chronic lower back condition. After years of pain and a long waiting list for Physio I decided to try and strengthen around the injured area. By the time I got to see the Physio I was already well on my way to being pain free although they were very helpful and sped up the process.


Once I started training and seeing results and other people started to notice my muscles growing, my inner narcissist took over and I was hooked. I haven't ever really looked back.

When working with clients I structure sessions to include elements of Body Building, Power Lifting, Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Lifting, Flexibility and Mobility, Boxing, Hiit and Endurance training. 

My coaching style is friendly and encouraging, I want to see all who I work with achieve their full potential.

The Body Box Mcr in Offerton/ the team in Stockport/ The Body Box Mcr in Stockport